He is a painter and a computer graphic artist.

A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts at Gdansk, Poland, in 1979. Since 1986

he has lived and worked in Denmark. He paints, draws and creates computer

graphics. His works were exhibited in numerous European countries.

Member of The Danish Association of Visual Artists.


"Furniture, utensils, devices, bric-à-brac - all these miscellaneous items while away our nearest

space. We are collecting these things, we are finding place for them, we are cramming them around us, no matter whether we need them, or we find them entirely useless. Sometimes we get rid of some in order to replace them with new items. We are accompanied by them, sometimes throughout our entire life, and they acquire exceptional power. They are tacit witnesses of our being, our feelings, good and bad, our desires, joys, anxieties. They are reminding us of something, or letting us forget.

This is what I am trying to relate through my paintings: to depict our surroundings using surrealist form and choosing colours conservatively. I am depicting our own peculiarities and drollery by creating bizarre shapes. This form of light surrealism, I dare say, seems to be most adequate to express my thoughts of the surrounding world.


My paintings, I dare say, betray my fascination with masterpieces of Dutch and Italian painters.

The art of Rembrandt, Hals, Titian and great many other painters of the period, is for me

an example of how to make use of brush, colour structure and subject."

kosmala; Aleksander Kosmala

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